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Alright guys, I’ve reached my goal of 1000 followers, and as promised, here is my giveaway. It’s a thanks to everyone for sticking with me through all of my crazy-ness and fandom switching and whatnot. 

So here’s what it all includes:

  • SuperWhoLock t shirt from Redbubble. Just let me know the size and whether you want “girlie fit” or anything other than a sweatshirt.
  • A custom made skirt of YOUR choosing from NerdAlertCreations on Etsy. The link is here for you to browse through and pick out whichever skirt you would like. 
  • One Game of Thrones House pendant of your choosing from Etsy
  • Your very own CUSTOM Harry Potter wand. The link is here on Etsy and you can describe exactly what you want it to look like.
  • Doctor Who Adipose earrings from Etsy.
  • A pair of custom painted Doctor Who shoes (Which may be slightly different than what is shown) Just let me know the size (men/women) 


  • I cannot force you to follow me, but I would greatly greatly appreciate it.
  • Likes and reblogs count
  • Will ship anywhere and everywhere, including Narnia and Middle Earth
  • Winner receives all that is shown, however if the winner does not want an item (or more) I will pick another person to receive what is left.
  • Askbox must be open and participants willing to give me their address and other information if needed
  • Winner had 24 hours to respond before I select another
  • Giveaway ends May 28th at 11:59pm (EST time-that’s Michigan, right?)
  • Feel free to message me with any questions!

Goodluck dearies :]
My sister,dean-winchester-loves-pie, is also having a giveaway. Feel free to check it and her blog out! You can see it here

There will be a change of date and the giveaway is now extended until May 28th @11:59pm (Eastern Time). This is in lieu of events as well as many, many messages from people. Please take note of the change and be aware that you have even longer to enter and keep reblogging. 

Any questions, just ask.



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The thing that made Lilo a “freak” was her passion. Lilo was passionate about everything she ever did. She was passionate about Elvis, about feeding the ocean fish sandwiches, about making friends, about taming Stitch, and about Hula. Look at her smile. She is the only one who seems to be truly enjoying what she’s doing. It adds life. Passion is life. It’s vitality. It’s amazing. Be a Lilo.

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